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High-speed Annealing Tin-Plating Machine Series for Conventional Line

Use: It is mainly used for annealing and tin-plating of ultra-fine round copper wire and alloy wire

Multi-head sibling and rewinding Machine Series

Use: Sibling 630 reel and reversing 630 reel /8-inch and 9-inch reel

Large Wire Tin-Plating and Multi-Head Drawing Tin-Plating Machine Series

Use: It is mainly used for tin-plating of single large-scale annealing/multi-head drawing annealing soft copper wire

Automobile wire, electronic wire, power cord and high-speed insulation sheath extrusion production line

Use: Applicable for high-speed extrusion of PVC, PP, PE, TPU and other plastics, mainly used for extrusion operations such as insulation and sheath of automobile wires, electronic wires and power cords

BV, BVR, photovoltaic line, low-smoke halogen-free extrusion production line.

Use: Applicable for the production of BV, BVR and RVV, and the insulation extrusion of low-smoke halogen-free plastic for wire and cable core

Double sets of high-speed extrusion production line

Use: Suitable for high-speed extrusion of PVC, PE, low-smoke halogen-free plastics, etc., mainly used for extrusion of insulated core wires such as RVV, BVR wires and power cords

Twist-free Pair Twister Series

Use: Applicable for high-frequency data cable LAN CABLE(CAT6 cable), RVS core wire, robot control line, etc

Torsion-free Cable Forming Machine Series

Use: It is mainly used for high-frequency data cable, elevator cable, ABS brake cable, power cord, etc. It is applicable for 2~7 strands of core cable or 2 ~ 4 strands of core cable and filling materials, and at the same time, it can realize the function of tape wrapping (It will stop if tape breaks)

Cantilever Single Strander (Cabling Machine) Series

Use: It is mainly used for twisting computer cables such as data cables and control cables, and can simultaneously carry out operations such as central wrapping and side wrapping, and twist tight conductor
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