FC-1+6+12 One-time Layered Strander Series (Small bobbin single wire Pay-off)



■ National brand 
■ Patent number:ZL2013103749826、ZL2018202748519
■ Advantages of the machine:

1.The machine is a new product developed by our company, which completely replaces the products produced by model 200 tube strander, mainly for BVR and high temperature conductor wires (such as: The machine is a new product developed by our company, which completely replaces the products produced by Model 200 tube stranding machine. It is mainly used to lay and twist BVR and high-temperature conductor wires (such as 19/φ 0.16 ~ 0.64) simultaneously (it can be twisted in the same direction or in the opposite direction according to customer requirements). Because the two procedures of 1+6 and (1+6)+12 are twisted simultaneously, the production cost is reduced, and the working efficiency is improved. The output is 4.5 times that of the Model 200 tube strander, saving about 50% electricity per hour, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes. The main machine of the high-speed strander can twist multiple conductors independently, and at the same time, the machine also has the advantages of energy saving, small floor space and low noise. 
2.The products are widely used in IT communication, aerospace, military industry, medical care, locomotives, automobiles, robots, ships, 5G cloud databases and other fields. 
3.IOT function (optional): The information of multiple equipment can be integrated on multiple mobile phones or computers, and the operation of the machine can be checked at any time, such as rotational speed, stranded wire specifications, wire speed, output, equipment maintenance, etc., and online diagnosis and remote maintenance can be realized simultaneously, so as to realize fine management and reduce production and maintenance costs. 
4.Precision cable laying inside the strander (optional): Stepper motor+precision ball screw cable laying, internal and external PLC realize data sharing through wireless communication module, collect cable laying data and spool speed, ensure cable laying accuracy through PLC precise calculation, and set cable laying width and spacing on the touch screen without downtime adjustment, thus reducing downtime and improving production efficiency. 






lt is applicable to layer bunching 19pcs copper wire in one time

Single wire dia(mm)



Stranding Section Area(mm²)






Stranding direction

Optional for S+S S or S+Z

Pay-off size



1+6 Pay-off type

Magnetic powder tension

External 12 Pay-off Φ18

Φ185~Φ250 tension pay-offs (orΦ400~Φ630 static tension pay-offs)

Take up bobbin



1+6 Max speed


Main machine max rotating speed



Total power



Take-up tension

HMI+PLC+magnetic powder clutch, ensure the constant tension from empty to full


Internal and external wire cut off automatic brake (electromagnetic brake), automatic shutdown when the meter reaches

Traverse type

Rolling wire with ring drive units, winding pitch and breadth are adjustable

Some customers

Wuhan No.2 Cable, Jiangyang Cable Group, Tianjin 609 Cable, Jinda Cable Group, Changjiang Cable Group, Xinyihong Cable, Shanxi Lishi, Anyao Hongqi, Shanghai Hu'an Cable, Shanghai Weihang, Zhejiang Yingmeida, Tongce Cable, Linyi Qiyang, Honglian Cable, etc. 

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