High-speed Annealing Tin-Plating Machine Series for Conventional Line

Use: It is mainly used for annealing and tin-plating of ultra-fine round copper wire and alloy wire



■ Patent number : ZL 2016 20138706.9
■ Advantages of the machine:

1.The annealing furnace is designed as a whole, which has good heat preservation effect and saves about 30% electricity compared with similar products. 
2.The heating mode is heating by heating tube, which is convenient for maintenance and simple for operation. 
3.Nitrogen or steam protection device is used for annealing, and the elongation of copper wire is uniform. 
4.Tin-plating furnace tin tripod is cast as a whole, and the temperature in the furnace is uniform, with a temperature difference of ±2℃ at four corners. 
5.The voltage of take-up tension at each end is digital display, which can accurately adjust the tension. The take-up and pay-off positions are equipped with energy-saving lighting lamps, which is convenient for operation and threading. 
6.(Optional) Switch the cable arrangement function of different take-up reels with one key in the touch screen, eliminating the need to manually adjust the width of the cable arrangement. 
7.(Optional) Internet of Things function, information of multiple equipment can be integrated on multiple mobile phones or computers, and the operation of the machine, such as temperature setting, power consumption, voltage and current, line speed and power factor, can be checked at any time, so as to realize refined management and lead in the industry. 


Equipment Model





Machine Usage

Apply for UItra-fine round copper wire and alloy wire annealing and tinning。

Inlet Wire Dia(mm)

Φ0.08~Φ0.32mm / Φ0.15~Φ0.64mm



Max Nos of Inlet Wire





Linear Speed


pay off type

Brush pay off

Pay off bobbin type

DIN 300

Annealing Furnace Length


Annealing Type

Tube type annealing

Annealing Protection Type

Water seal protection+notrogen or vapor protection

Tinned Type

Hot dip


Capstan Control Type


Equipment Total Power





Take Up Control

Voltage adjusting controls torque motor take up

Take Up Bobbin Size

5inch,8inch/5inch,8inch, bobbin


Traverse Control Type

Gear motor + driver or servo motor + PLC

Installation Size (mm)





Some Customers

Zhenxiong Group, Xinhai Gaodao, Baosheng Precision, Yuanhong Technology, Xingcheng Copper, Dongyi New Materials, Xingda Copper, Tongding Interconnection, Huatong Cable, Guotou New Materials, Shunchi Cable, Zhengchengxin, Jiangyin Shuangyu, Hongqi Cable, Yuanxiang, Xinchuandian, Jiangxi Libo, etc. 

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