Large-scale Drawing and Winding Annealing Tinning Machine Series

Use: It is mainly used for annealing/tin-plating of round copper wire, and multiple strands of copper wire are collected on 630 iron plate at the same time to replace multi-head wire drawing and winding.



■ Patent number : ZL201610363066.6
■ Advantages of the machine:

1.Replacing the multi-head wire drawing machine to draw 630 coils for large-capacity winding, the operation is simple and the labor intensity of operators is reduced. 
2.Each line is equipped with the function of broken wire detection and automatic alcohol protection of annealing furnace tube, which can automatically stop and brake the broken wire of the receivable coil without affecting other take-up heads. 
3.The automatic alcohol device or steam protection at the inlet end of annealing furnace can protect the copper wire from oxidation, which avoids the oxidation of the wire when it stops halfway. 
4.Servo motor+precision screw rod is used for cable laying, and the cable laying speed is accelerated and decelerated synchronously with wire winding, and the cable laying is neat and flat. 
5.(Optional) Internet of Things function, information of multiple equipment can be integrated on multiple mobile phones or computers, and the operation of the machine, such as temperature setting, power consumption, voltage, current, line speed and power factor, can be checked at any time, so as to realize refined management and lead in the industry. 


Equipment Model






Mainly apply for round copper wires annealing and tinning, collected on the 630 iron plate at the same time, instead of multi-wire drawing machine take-up

Mainly apply for round copper wires annealing,collected on the 630 iron plate at the same time,instead of multi-wire drawing machine take-up

Inlet Wire Dia

φ0.15 ~ φ0.64mm

Max Inlet Wire





linear Speed


Pay-off Type

Brush pay off or far end pay off

Pay-off Spool

DIN 300mm/400mm

Annealing Length


Annealing Type

Tube annealing

Annealing Protection Type

Water seal protection+Alcohol or steam

Total Power





Drying Device

High pressure worm fan+blower

Oven Length



Active hauling device controller

Tinned Type

Hot Dip


Take Up Control

Inverter control torque motor take up

Take Up Operation Mode

Touch screen operation

Take Up Bobbin

4~6pcs 630bobbin take up(can according to customer's requirement)

Traverse Control Type

Servo motor + precious screw traverse

Dimension (mm)





Some Customers

Xinhai Gaodao, Shimao Copper, Gepai Cable, Huatong Cable, Chongqing Yuzhou, Liangda Copper, Tongding Interconnection, Xinchuandian, Zhengchengxin, Delixi, Guotou New Materials, Shunchi Cable, Jinda Cable, Jiangxi Libo, Hangzhou Yuanhong, Nanxiang Cable, Yuanxiang Electric Appliances, Poly Cable, etc. 

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